Monday, January 30, 2012

TrainFire ! :))

-state the characteristics of M16S1
-state the operation of the M16S1 rifle mechanism
-state the safety rules in operating the M26S1
-execute the weopen inspection drill
-strip M16S1 rifle
-assemble a M16S1
-load a 30 rounds box magazine
-Unload a 30 rounds Box magazine
-Load a M16S1 rifle
-Chamber a 5.56mm round
-Unload a M16S1 rifle
-State the types of stoppages and their cause
-Execute the remedial actions for various stoppages
-Execute the imediate action drill

stage 1 : Introduction
stage 2 : Personal camourflage
stage 3 : Principals of concealment
stage 4 : Judging of distance
stage 5 : Target indication
stage 6 : Movement by day
stage 7 : Field signals

The rifle is light compared to similar weopens used by other armed forces. it weighs 3.6kg with a fully loaded 30 round box magazine.

The expanding gas, generated when the cartridge is denotated, is used to power the operating parts, which chambers each succeeding round.

The barrel, which becomes hot during firing is cooled by being exposed to the air. there is no cooling device.

The ammunition is contained in a metal-box known as a magazine which contains 30 rounds.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

information on spec course


1. dressing
2. sizing
3.salute to the front
4.dismissing n falling out
5.marching n falling out
6. changing step in quick time
7. turning in quite time
8. saluting/ eyes right on the eyes


1.characteristics of M16
2.loading drill
3.unloading drill
4.stripping of M16
5.Assembling of M16
6.IA n stoppages - no feeding drills
7.IA n stoppages - double feeding drill
8.priciples of correct holding, aiming n firing


1.personal camourflage
2.field signals
3.judging distances
4.range card indication
6.duties of sentry
7.reaction to enermy fire
8.observation n listening post

Sunday, January 8, 2012

All About NCC 2012 !

NCC Pledge

We, the members of the national cadet corps,
and the youth of republic of singapore,
do hereby pledge to be royal to the republic and the corps ,
and to maintain a high standard of discipline,
and performance so that,
we may better serve our country.

founder of ncc
mr CM phillips, ex prinipal of raffles institution, may 1901
on 1905, armoury cadet band
on 1906, st, joseph institution
first school (Ncc) R.I, S.JI, ACS


commandant : LTC khoo thiam huat stuart
NCC council : Dr Arther Beng
West district commandant : CPT david low chee keong
RSM ( HQ NCC ) : 1st W/O De Silver Christopher Bryan

The NCC Core Values that every cadet needs to follow ~
~ Loyalty to country
~ Uprighness
~ leadership
~ Discipline
~ Commitment and responsibility
~ Care for fellow cadets
~ Adventurous spirit

M16SI made in singapore
has a forward exist of Imediate Action (IA)

Safety precautions
1) never point the rifle to anyone.
2) never put your finger in the trigger housing unless necessary.
3)never put your thumb in the charging handle.
4) always 'check clear' your rifle when given

Points to take note when presenting mutual

speak louder
be prepared
have confidence
face every audience ( eye contact )
ask questions
say objectives
dun copy from text (elaborate )
dun hesitate ( cover your mistake )
mutuals can be reffered to but not so obvious. ( get a position )
get helpers to make space
do demonstrations
ask if everyone is clear
dun pull long face when sir cut you
thank the helpers
be enthusiastic and eager
drag sir's attention
self- introduction
show continuity in presentation (dun 'errrrr' )
speak fluently

when you are planning a camp !

what is the purpose of the camp ?
safety ( medical conditions )
logistics ( equipment list and booking of locations in school )
Manpower distribution
applications and collection of money
foos hygiene and allergies
security ( handphone,money )
camp manual

Games, warcry , cheers
Build rapport
Team Building


Critical thinking
decision making
flexible thinking

sentry duty !!

Enermy - low alert/ high alert
good guy - will shout 'halt '
weopens above head
leader advance to be recognised
password...(chicken backside)..secret
weopen on your left/ right
prone down with palms facing the sky
leader will say left and right wing advance
(on the way back, left and right wing remember to collect the weopen)
leader check enermy's leader.

Friday, February 18, 2011


Thre won't be any training tis sat because of common tests.....
Kranji NCC got Gold award tis year....thx guys 4 helping out !!!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tis Sat Training !!!

Heyy Bravo & Charlie cadets,
there will be training on sat 29/1/2011...Please be on as usual......there will be an uniform make sure that when eu guyz wear ur better be in the tip top condition !!! If eu failed to do so, we will have to give punishments...and make sure eu attend the training as ur seniors are going to teach new stuffs lyke IFC @@@

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

To All NCC Bravo &Charlie Cadets !!!!

Please make an effort to see the blog which I will update tmr (Thurs).....if eu guyz c tis blog.....can eu remind ur ncc platoon mates to also go c this blog too :D ...VERY IMPORTANT @@@

Thursday, November 18, 2010

EOY Camp Packing List 2010 !!!!

EOY Camp Packing List

**Recommended ALL Bags are shoulder-carried and not hand carried**


School PE/ NCC shirt x4 (including the one you are wearing on first day)

Shorts x4 (including the one you are wearing on first day)

White socks x3

Track pants x1

Undergarments (sufficient amount)

Old shoes x1 (for water activities)

PT shoes x1 (the one you are wearing throughout the whole course of the camp)

Personal Items


Slippers x1

Bathing towel x1

Plastic bags

Inhaler (for asthmatic cadets)

Personal medication

Torch light x1

Sun block x1

Poncho x1

Prickly heat powder x1

Writing materials

Army bottle


Student Pass ($10 stored value)

Spectacle casing + hook

Cutlery set (fork, spoon, bowl/plate)

Green Mug

Insect Repellent